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The catalogue of criteria on which up to ten scientists and academics for a year worked, comprised approximately 580 individual criteria in the areas of supply, process support, Portal support, and infrastructure. The study makes statements about the quality of the modelling, model implementation and execution platforms. She gives tips on how deficits in the systems be offset or at least mitigated can and shows also on the basis of a cost-benefit ratio-, which solution best suited to the task. Martin O’Malley: the source for more info. I know worldwide no study that compares the BPMS tools such as detailed and substantiated,”says Timo Bucker, CEO of Bucker GmbH, which commissioned the study. It is an excellent decision support for management. For project teams the criterion catalog extensive with 580 points is as excellent basis for comparing another provider.” Sale a 17seitige Executive summary of the study Study can be downloaded free of charge under home/studien.html. The long version has appeared in the program of the publishing house Verlag and can be purchased at the price of 3.780 euro net. Background information Bucker GmbH serves customers from the areas of community, industry, trade and services today in 20 countries Bucker GmbH was founded in 1997.

The company’s software solutions aimed to make all the processes in the Organization, production or management more efficient, more effective and more transparent. The Bucker GmbH maintains technology partnerships including as premier partner of IBM. Several times the Bucker GmbH was awarded the IBM nationally and internationally. Customers rely on the solutions of the Dusseldorf company with over 1.5 million users. The customers include Henkel, Bayer, LANXESS, Linde, Evonik, Deutsche Bahn, McKinsey, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Fraunhofer-Institut fur Software – und Systemtechnik eats that Fraunhofer eats developed with locations in Berlin and Dortmund Standards, architectures and concepts for the development of long-term stable complex systems of information and communications technology. The research focuses on the fields of continuous software engineering (longevity and flexibility of complex systems) and information logistics (needs-based information services for system users). With the 2007 established competence center for processes and architectures COMPARC brings together the Institute also expert knowledge, methods and tools for the design of processes and architectures.


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