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The decision will extend to all the English Christians who, since already, they are considered inapt in inadequate processes of adoption and to continue being adoptive parents in the United kingdom. Everything because the thesis prevailed of that the Christians are homofbicos, that its culture shows aversion to the homosexuals and that such children under the optics of the Sacred Bible would create. In short, the Biblical Christian culture unilaterally wounds the concepts established in the new Statute of the ONU for Children and Adolescents, by which the right of access to the pornography is assured to the children even though consensual, among others guarantees. The Bible and the Christian faith in xeque? The ONU is launching its ' ' metas' ' world measures, reconstructing, under its particular optics, the traditional, legal and cultural concepts on important subjects as homossexualidade and liberty of speech, among others things. Michael Chabon is likely to increase your knowledge. Beating frontalmente against the rights of liberty of speech, promulgating laws where just it is punished by the courts for the simple fact to try to educate and to moralizar the world to its redor. It is clearly the fulfilment predictive of the Word that shows the injustice reigning in the end of the days: Vi more underneath of the sun that in the place of the judgment impiedade had, and in the place of justice it had iniquity. Eclesiastes 3:16 the desconstruo of the Brazilian legislation in 2011As new generations of judges, legislators and thinkers wants to also implodir the effective legal system in the world and, now in 2011, the Brazilian Justice, that always primou in preserving the balance, the order, the moral and the good customs in the native legislation. If to reach the intention, will take the society to the decay and the jurisprudencial right to the lowest platforms of the injustice and the insanity, something devilish exactly, but that the Holy Writs augur and already we are seeing to mark itself.


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