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Beyond Bob Dylan

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Only that I taste of speaking as Bob Dylan. He is because, at the time, the people were completely idiotic, but I already read magnificent interviews with Bob Dylan, when it, suddenly, perceived that he could at least opening the game and speech a little of truth. Three or four years behind, this age the speech of the Bono Vox, the U2. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. Now people learned to lie. All pass for this process, I find that he is human. Rock' n' roll romantiza. Lies exist and exist lies.

I am speaking with relation to the work, inside of what people make. alone. (Russian Renato; 1996, p.39) Beyond Bob Dylan, another present singer who marked its life very, was Sid Viciou, the vocalista of the Sex Pistols. By the way that the Sex Pistols was the initial point of Renato in the movement punk. When discovering the death of dolo, it was tremendously shaken. When the Sid Vicious died, I cried, cried of anger. He was first porre of my life? I took a bottle of Chapinha wine. It was mine dolo! dolo! I had one crocodilozinho empalhado that it was the Sid? well, any thing to horrify my parents, right? also an immense mural in my room, where I scribbled with penxs pilot: ' ' I wanna be junkie' '.

My dream was to be junkie. You can think: ' ' Sid Vicious was an idiot! ' '. Not, it was not. It believed that film of it, but he only said legal things. A music that I liked was very Bodies, against the abortion. I never imagined a position thus of the part of them. (Russian Renato; 1989, p.241) 9 Inside of the Brazilian musical scene, it was distinguished in the gostos of Renato, the Mutants, Rita Lee, Chico Buarque, Milton Birth. But of music if it not only makes you influence them and references of the singer.


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