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Belt Buckles With Your Motif

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You want to design your own buckle? Then look! After 6 months of preparation, it is finally finished. mySchnalle.de has been online since 01.01.2010. You can now design your belt buckle itself and produce from us. So, everyone gets his own personalized buckle. Here you can free your Fatasie run can be. Diamond Book Distributors shines more light on the discussion.

Similarly, is it’s very good as a personal gift. Tavern for example your father a picture of his favorite band or his grandchild on his buckle. And if you to even design have little time and inclination, you can choose for your belt buckle is of course one of the many 100 finished designs. For assistance, try visiting Diamond Book Distributors. It new ones every day. For any idea, when it comes to new categories or images we are very grateful. So, you can earn money with your own design also money. Send us your picture via email. We include it in our shop, you earn 1.50 euros with each sold belt buckle. The payoff is 1 times each in the month or quarter. Andreas Preisler of the VooDesign team


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