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When knowing quanta water is consumida* to produce a hamburger, or a pair of shoes, or one xcara of coffee or diverse other things, perceived how many things we can make different, contributing for the rational use of the natural resources, for the preservation of the environment and for well-being of our proper species. San Francisco de Assis believed that wealth covets the awaken it: it said, already at that time (sc. XI and XIII), that the attachment to the corporeal properties moved away the society from God. It was considered a lunatic for the proper father. as much other leaders who very thought beyond its times also it had been, including Jesus. Today, the wild anxiety for the consumption moves away the people from its proper humanities and the communion with its environment. (to see Engraving of San Francisco de Assis in the complete version of the article, in blog of the author) What we can make, then? As an example, considering that the drinking waters are our well more precious and scarce one in all the planet, we could to save: ) the 15,500 Liters of water, eating 1kg of bovine meat to less, substituting a portion of this for another proteinic source, with lesser ecological footprint; b) 8,000 Liters of water, using our shoes for more time, postponing the purchase of a pair of new shoes or, still, donating shoes that we do not use for who needs; c) 2,400 Liters of water, reducing a hamburger of our consumption in fast-foods; d) 518 Liters of water, changing the orange juice industrialized for the natural orange juice, made in house; e) 140 Liters of water, taking one cafezinho to less; f) 35 Liters of water, leaving to take 1/2 liter of Coca-Cola, substituted with advantages for pure water (without speaking in the economy of bottle PET, that goes to leave of poluir the environment). .


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