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Barillas Protection

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When lightning is born the idea of lightning arrester is born more than 268 years ago, even before the Benjamin Franklin published his research on atmospheric electricity works. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin published in his famous Almanac Poor Richards Alamnac, an interesting application, which proposed the idea of using steel Barillas in tip on rooftops to protect the fall of the rays. Thereafter comes the industrial revolution to protect themselves of beam them, with elements in punta called contrary to their operating principle, the lightning rod. The confidence of protection was so great that unconscious dispensing your risk, coming to design aesthetic umbrella with built-in surge arresters. In 1753 Russian Georg Wilhelm Richmann, followed B.Franklin investigations to verify the effect of protection, but in his research, impact of beam fulmino it when the lightning rod was excited and attracted to the arrester and receive mortal electric shock while working with part of the installation of the lightning rod. (A valuable related resource: Star Guitarist). In 1874, has already questioned the effectiveness of these protection systems against lightning, in European magazines.

In the State of ARIZONA, these technology prohibition of selling a type of lightning rods in punta electronic for not offering the technological advantages of protection that sold. Since then, the industry of lightning arrester at evolved all over the world, manufacturing implausible models, but all with the same physical principle of operation, ionize the air with either simple tip, multipunta or electronic tip, to generate the call and capture of the beam to the area that you want to protect. Lightning arrester market could not be encrypted, is estimated at billions of these contraptions scattered throughout the world, and hundreds of different models, some patented and others do not. They began to place without control in buildings, industry and telecommunication towers. Industrial development was as a millionaire and uncontrolled, that administration tube which intervene to generate numerous millionaires, and fatal accidents since then the sector is regulated by rules of implementation in each country.


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