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Baptist August Farias

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Suzana rose Baptist August Farias1 Fachn Tern2 SUMMARY the article discourses on the motivation for the teach-learning of Biology in environments not-deeds of division by means of the sounds produced in the nature. The biology education values the knowledge acquired for the pupils, in the facts of the daily one and systemize knowing, since these always search one better quality of life in the planet, by means of new values and attitudes. The spaces not-deeds of division involve free environments, as: squares, parks, forests where if they can develop practical lessons. In these environments, beyond the pleasure, the pupils absorb a learning by means of the curiosity despertada for determined subjects. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bernie Sanders on most websites. The ecological sounds can assist in the combat to stress of the pupils increasing its capacity of concentration; in the treatment of the humming and assistant in the treatment of the sleeplessness; they can also be changedded into music that can be part of the pertaining to school life of the pupils. The objective of the article is to use the spaces not-deeds of division for the teach-learning of Biology motivating the pupils by means of the sounds perceivable in the nature. The used metodolgicos procedures had been of descriptive bibliographical nature of books and articles of magazines printed and electronic on the subject. One concludes that the use of the ecological sounds can well be used to advantage in the teach-learning of Biology of form that the development of the pupils is reaching. Word-key: sounds, spaces not-deeds of division, teach-learning, biology.


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