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Balancing Work And Family Life

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All parents have serious doubts about carrying our children to preschool. We always thought that an unknown person can not care for our children as we would our own home. And we like the heart sank when we have to leave them in the classroom, grieving and crying her eyes out. Every day I've had to take on obligations of work and particularly by the obligation of having a mortgage, I have gone head down, angry with myself for not meeting the mother model imposed on us in society marked us in our infancy. Because we should not deceive us, to reconcile social life, work and family today, and, above all, with the grueling work hours that mark the day by day, is a much bigger effort than running a marathon in the Olympics. It is assumed that because women are capable of anything, or should be. But take our seedlings to the nursery directly collides with the idea that we burned into our innermost self.

All we remember when we played with dolls. The dressed, acunabamos, we changed the clothes, even diapers. But at no time in our childhood taught us how to take our children to a place where we were wrapped in tears "abandoned" in the arms of a smiling stranger. In short, life gives us surprises when past two weeks, my youngest son, who can hardly speak, he wakes one Saturday morning and told me his sweetest voice "cole mom." And after saying it sits in the cart outside the door and waits with a smile that will lead to the nursery. It is clear that we suffer more than themselves. And if anyone says to us, we can not get rid of that guilt until we checked with our eyes.


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