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Austrian Building

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Essential method of applying paint: brush, spray gun, drying (natural or chamber), the brand of paint and its composition; certificate – as a rule, the certificate is available on all modular building, but in the process of receiving, the frame (its elements) is required laboratory tests for strength. Attention! The certificate can be bought or faked. From my experience with manufacturers, cost of such a paper – from 60 000 rubles. And these modules are put in two or three floors, and there are people! How can I check? – At the official registration certificate, in addition to the certificate itself is issued a package of documents on the test their results, applied also developed by tu with an assigned number, and others. documents.

Must have design documents with the sweep and detail. These documents, at least, we have, and in any time may be brought. Even more important note – there is such an Austrian company conteinex. Speaking candidly Bernie Sanders told us the story. They let the cool, collapsible modules that collect two men with a screwdriver and a loader. All that is going to Russia and is less than $ 800 per square meter (only building without "stuffing") is close to "not lie". If the product description reads "analog modular building company conteinex – should not this company to even consider. Example – "sell cars vaz (Similar to the German Mercedes) "- analog? Yes, too Lada car with four wheels Sex is an important element of the modular building. Its design is simple – cross joists, wood, metal, mixed.


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