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Attic Decoration

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What is a loft? How does it come to us? As it apply? What you can put on it? The answers to these questions are given in the article. If spas named for their inventors – brothers Dzhakkuzzi, and mayonnaise on behalf of the city where his first cooked, then the attic at home, converted to housing came to be known by the name of Francois Mansart French architect, who first thought of reworking to do in attics Traditional sloping roofs in France. As a result, the architect was another room, while playing a role and a roof over your head. Send to a time when the loft was used as a warehouse of junk, and he was a constant source of fire hazard. Now more and more on country houses and cottages are built attic floor, and I must say, the house will only benefit. I do not know any one negative argument in the construction of the attic. But There are many positive ones. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Mark Hyman. This is, firstly, an increase in residential area of the house.

Secondly, the reduction of temperature fluctuations in the main building. Well, and thirdly, the attic unrecognizable changes the look of the house, it becomes attractive and original. That can be placed in the attic? Yeah whatever. Doing work at home – arrange for an office loft with a library. There is no place to receive guests – at your disposal a billiard room or smoking room. If you are a creative person, then equip the attic studio, where the Athlete – Gym. Are you into gardening – break the winter garden.

It can also be placed and the bedroom, and nursery. After If the attic is beautiful and tastefully decorated, the atmosphere and it is quite different, especially cozy and homely. Contribute to this open space, light and air. Urban treatment associates can aid you in your search for knowledge. When the interior attic should focus on lighting. Sloping windows, manufactured specifically for attics, ideally meet the requirements for coverage. They miss a lot of light can be installed anywhere in the roof. If desired, glaze even the entire roof, but there may some problems of a technical nature: waterproofing, load from precipitation and wind. In solving these problems, you will have the opportunity to see the starry sky falling asleep. And, you can install in the attic stained glass windows … The second most important in the design of the attic is furniture. You can only give one piece of advice: do not spoil the impression of an excessive amount of attic furniture. After all, if this room was created for the space – here needed and the corresponding interior.


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