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Turn on a light bulb with a battery and two wires; then remove a little of the cables PVC lining and makes contact with the two bare wires: the bulb does not work anymore. This is one of simple experiments that proposes Xperimania young Europeans aged 10-20 years to raise their awareness about the essential role played by materials product of the petrochemical industry in their daily lives. With simple activities and the possibility of participating in an international competition, this project, coordinated by European Schoolnet, helps students to extrapolate their academic knowledge to real life and to make science classes a more fun experience.One of the best ways to encourage student interest in science, in particular by physics and chemistry, is through practice; experiments or activities that make them verify that laws and properties scientific, so boring they seem represented in their books, they are really useful and in some cases essential to daily life. They are able to get that you one tedious subject in principle to become fun. In this way, is also encouraged the attraction of students by the degrees of science and research, at a time in which estimated that 500,000 to 700,000 new scientists are need to be able to carry out all the work that remains to be done in Europe.To facilitate the task in this field of teachers from elementary to high school, of all the European schools, European Schoolnet, a consortium composed of 31 ministries of education non-profit Europeans, on behalf of the Association of producers of petrochemical industry of Europe (APPE), launched the past course 2007-2008 educational project called Xperimania, an initiative in which more than 1,000 schoolchildren from schools in 18 countries have already participated.Through the Xperimania.net portal, this project offered to the professors and students in its first edition a number of simple and practical activities designed to publicize the modern materials and chemical processes that are they require for their production.


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