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Assaults In Agricultural Unemployment

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During the previous agricultural strike (May 2003) traveled to Lima for academic reasons, back on Sunday May 25 beds in the bus coming resting comfortably, he stopped, the minutes went was 2, 3, 4 am and mention the bus was still in Huarmey, suddenly set off at speed-no-explain anything at 7a.m. we were entering the tunnel Coishko and found that about thirty cops in cars hastily withdrew troops and other holders of the Transit Police were rushing to turn back a dozen or more buses, which were advancing at full speed heading north, just we learned that the road was blocked, that unemployment was indefinite and that it was rural, so without thinking twice, a citizens group of thirty men and women undertook the journey to reach-as-Trujillo; around 11:00 a.m. we took the first taxi, and charged SA 10 (try counting) and we left the entrance hall of Santa, a shower of stones greeted us (here kill me “I thought) but the rain was against Tico, we get treated well only 5 soles asked us for the common pot! We crossed all the people, the people were on their doors in their path, like a holiday, until the dogs were happy, in order to continue walking, including barricades, which stood at the entrance to every village, I counted three, in each place had to leave one or two dollars per citizen, so we came up Guadalupita (we had already walked six miles!) would be like 3 in the afternoon, nobody was thinking about lunch, “There was no mobility as we were told! Most hurriedly began the long walk Coscomba Desert without food or water, others decided to wait some mobility in effect as at 4 pm a dilapidated truck showed up about fifteen we got into it in a way so desperate that the driver was frightened and would not help so we had to resort to forceful argument 10 soles for “head” and the guy agreed, at 6 pm and we were before a crowd of people at the border with Chao, they let the truck payment..


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