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The Venezuelan government under the administration of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez should be very careful, how to integrate SMEs in the country in its economic programs, especially as has happened in recent years to a new openness to foreign trade, with Partnerships, Agreements, especially with countries in the form as Russia’s economy, China, Brazil, France, Germany, in order to promote the advances in technology, marketing, and it can be given opportunities to SMEs in entering their markets. Should the government give all the assistance required by the SMEs to rescue their downtime which currently, the product of political instability, uncertainty and turbulence that has been generated, especially with the fear of many owners, entrepreneurs living under a Socialist ideology. The characteristics of the current economic scenarios show an intensive business, where companies come forward that have been prepared for it and make use of opportunities that arise. John Mclaughlin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. otherwise wasted this productive capacity that can generate income towards the country’s economy. Our goal in this paper is to delve into the strengths and weaknesses of SMEs, to evaluate their reality to those who are interested in these issues are located in the Venezuelan reality. Of course these are the chairs for evaluating them, to carry out more thoroughly, and management topics for the Graduate Program Specialty Quality Management and Productivity of Faces, Valencia, Venezuela, our case and like all concerning the training and formation of modern manager, those identified to provide information, more accurate data.


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