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The man who does not want to write content to their site, but prefers to pay any a specialist in this area, which is cut with the owner of the resource monetary gain, it is usually site took the lazy man, resigned to the fact that he was 'stupid'. No need to excuse yourself type – I can not write an article for his site, I better pay, and I will do on ok, all these are empty words, and a waste of money. Bernie Sanders is often quoted on this topic. Many can not understand me, but it is. If you make a Russian site. The second option – the easiest! In the network a huge amount of resources.

For example, When I have nothing fresh in my head – I'm going to English-only resources and to demand the right of the author translating my article on the Russian language, with a resource that I chose. There's nothing difficult, just learn English language and start! If you do not need unique content, and you want to do, for example: 'a collection of articles'. Of course, unique content preferable than ever previously used on other sites. Why? Because it the optimization of resources for search engines, as search engines prefer fresh information, previously not indexed, or where. But I believe that one writer can not write, for example, Articles 600-700, unless he wants more portal with so many pages of text content.

Will not help even a team of 5-6 people. In this case, the real solution – this copy article, well, of course with the demand of the author, or subject to copyright requirements for the reprint. (Why can not write 600-700 articles?: Because, as a rule, parts for them from 5 or more, and people can know one thing well, something is very, you know what I mean) This is just an example. 2. Importance reference (thematic and topical), for example: 'Yandex' great respect for resources, which are direct links from topically 'similar' sites, but without feedback. I once did not use services such as 1ps.ru, why? Because I important to have a direct link to my resource is not referenced with the garbage, but with neat catalog, and its ic must be no less than 300, or thematically similar resource, even if its ic 10, but as I said above – without feedback links from my life. And if I still want to share with anyone realties reference, I am I choose very thematically similar resources, and tic resource with which I am changing – always more of my 100 +. Remember: the purer the site, from which comes Link to your site, the Yandex and Google and others pay more attention to your resource. The word 'cleaner' means a perfect life, without any reference garbage dumps. I could never have put on your life – not thematic links, ie if the subject matter of my 'computer' and 'Internet', it excludes references such as 'bicycles', etc. 3. Software to aid in optimization. There are quite a few programs is not conducive to helping with optimization, for example: look at the site most frequently occurring words – hence the chosen meta tags. Programs of many, listing will not be enough to type in Yandex: programs for site optimization. And finally, I wish you good luck!


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