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We live times where in them we do not import more with the ways, with the methods that we will have to make to reach our final objectives so longed for. Everything if return for ours ' ' felicidade' ' , nor that let us have that to magoar many people, but if it is for producing happiness in my life, is all good. We forget ourselves or at least we dissimulate not to see that the charity, justice, the fraternity and solidarity in favor of the common good must prevail on our Ego Sum. The prudence is, therefore, one to know to live. Where the man endowed with the same one assumes a self-control on its desires and aspirations. The prudence separates in fact the conscientious man (virtuous) of the mentally ill one that it is inebriated in the delights of future projections, without any resqucio of possibility of if materialize its aspiration.

We must using in them of our rationality for the good, either for the others or we ourselves. It is perceivable in many people? mainly in the way them companies? that they more pass most of the time worried in ' ' to pull tapete' ' of the colleagues of what properly if strengtheing for if perfecting to each day as people human beings. She is part of our humanity to be competitive, however, she does not want to say that we have to maltreat the others or to trapacear in I benefit proper, still more when we have conscience of what it is certain. When we trapaceamos we make generally it why in the cause certain pleasure in us, this is clearly for people who if judge cold more, calculating. always is taken to search such things to any cost, would say Aristotle. If to empanturrar of food, to drink of more they are all things that make in them badly and in them they become each time more inferior our species.


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