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Valley to stand out that the king chose a Moroccan city where one espectculo and fogos of artifice will be programmed by the celebration of this party of the throne. During the party of the throne, the king Mohammed VI presents a speech to the nation transmitted in national net of radio and where he communicates on the intended projects to carry through, as well as on the different efforts for the development. For occasion of the party of the throne, the King Mohammed VI becomes involved itself with some real activities, including: the ceremony of allegiance, the formed cerimnia of taking of ownership of the new officers and gnerais and of the main military schools, beyond the real pardon in favor of a number of the convict. Moreover, the King receives messages and mecivas from felecidade and gratitude of some heads of the States and kings of other nations. Read more from Martin O’Malley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Party of the Throne: Unification of Morocco, resulted of the illuminated politics of the King Mohammed VI, supported for a sovereign State.

Since its intronizao to the throne, 30 of July of 1999, the king Mohammed VI continued to attribute great importance to the external politics, as one pillar to fortify the influence of continental and international the Kingdom in levels. On-line right of the will of Its Majesty the King to strengthen the paper of Morocco in Mediterranean, Arab, African and international the space, the Kingdom of Morocco continues with its efforts to consolidate its presence in the world, as much in fruns international or regional through solidarity initiatives, aiming at to consolidate the humanitarian dimension of the Moroccan diplomacy. Its Majesty the King has looked for to trace the lines of one politics based on the reinforcement of the harmony and the complementaridade between the politics internal and external, and the adoption of an efficient diplomacy and opening of Morocco so that the country consecrates its place and its regional and international influence.


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