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Alfred Kinsey

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The technology nothing more is of what a tool to know it, that it must be folloied of close by parents and masters. The behavior of curiosity regarding what is characteristic of all child it is unaware of, but fits to the adult to differentiate what he is improper or does not stop its behavior. The child has right of being presented what it he is new, but is necessary to clarify the limits to it and to acquire knowledge it of that the moment exists certopara each phase of its life. 2,3 SEXUALITY the children reveal very since early its sexuality, but this does not want to say that they understand what it happens ahead with its body of sexual stimulaton.

This subject capsized until subject of studies, according to Alfred Kinsey, ‘ ‘ the genital sensorial experiences if give since nascimento’ ‘ , its studies had proven that a baby who temcontrole motor to touch its genital ones can present physiological answers, as dilatadas pupils, ruborizao of the face and modified respiratory frequency, therefore, if cannot condemn a young that if excites when seeing erticas images in the computer. In the daily pay-adolescence phase the cautious participation of the parents is basic on the sexual formation of its children, evidently the taboos exist and modesties that hinder this tunning, however, are of extreme importance that the parents know what its children are making (without invading its privacy) and dialogue. Parents need to have in mind that the sexuality is something natural in the life it human being, as well as happened with them, will be with its children. It is good for knowing that, assuming or it task not to guide them, talking or not, they will be receiving sexual information. Depending on the attitude of the parents, the children learn if sex is pretty or ugly, right or wrong, conversvel or not..


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