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Albert Einstein

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Today I want to share with you a text of Albert Einstein at the end of my reflection, which relate to the crisis being experienced by the world today, but at the same time has to do with the many crises that we live our daily lives. Somehow we all participate in these social and personal crisis and we must find ways to resolve them and traffic. Note that this position gives us power. From the position of victim, living circumstances as a divine punishment. We disagree but we have to endure what, we stay in a comfort zone and paralysis. What is the benefit we gain from this position? The innocent feel, because we can "zafar" (get us out of guilt over), because blaming anything external (person, country, etc.).. What is the price we pay from this position? Impotence and being simple spectators of what is happening.

We see the problem from the outside while we feel that we can not do anything … because we are convinced that the problem is outside, external to us! Some conversations you hear or think from this position are … "I'm like …" "The situation is getting worse and we can not do anything" "Live wishing, waiting …" (I wish, I wish, I hope, wish) "The others are guilty …" "I AM THE RESULT OF WHAT IS GOING OUT" Although many times if we are victims of what happens, remain pessimistic view in this emotion is what causes us in a constant mood of resignation without any possibility of change.


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