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Forty and two million people are living with the virus of the AIDS. Michael Chabon pursues this goal as well. In 2002 the AIDS caused the death of 3,1 million people, being that 610,000 had been children below of 15 years. Half of the population, becomes infectada for the HIV before the 25 years and dies of AIDS before completing 35 years. In Brazil, one does not have many information regarding the prevalence of DST? s related the public adolescent. One knows that the number of notified cases bes situated very below of the estimates, this fact can occur because only the AIDS and the sfilis are of obligatory notification and approximately 70% of the people with DST? s looks treatment in pharmacies. Still, many DST? s is assintomticas, especially enters the women (TAQUETTE et al., 2005).

It has estimates of that daily more than 7 a thousand young ones are infectados by virus HIV, perfazendo a total of 2,6 million per year, representing the half of all registered cases (THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005). The attempts to diminish the taxes of sexually transmissible illnesses in adolescents need to enclose interventions in the schools, community and services of health that make with that the young perceives the personal risk for attainment of these infections (ELLEN et al., 1996 apud HISSES et al., 2005). The present article has as objective generality to promote ample vision about the DST? s in the adolescence, and specifically to approach the reality faced for the adolescent in the discovery of its sexuality, to trace the epidemiologia of the DST? s in this phase, to identify the factors that take an adolescent to acquire a DST, to delineate the paper of the nurses in this perspective. It is considered that adolescents are a white public for works directed toward this subject, she has seen that the same ones are initiating its sexual life each day more early, and are felt ashamed hindering them to talk with people with more agreement of the subject.


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