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Refined bedroom winner refined atmosphere, it is always elegant. Muted tones combine elements of bedrooms: surfaces, furniture parts. The key to creating sophisticated image – the simplicity and textural contrasts. Soft natural shades of gray-brown, dark gray, ivory constitute the color palette bedroom. The close proximity of different material fills the room by mixing the coarse and refined. Smooth glass combined with textured stone, soft velvet, is paired with a marble. More use of textures rather than drawing, so in the space of the room is brought rhythm and movement. Lines of furniture should be smooth.

The ideal background – Black color scheme on the walls, floor and ceiling. The relationship of color and texture creates visual interest. Complete image of the simple details, such as vase, lamp, candles, carpet, cloak. Bedroom for rest style bedroom Sit, close your eyes and imagine the most comfortable bedroom. Perhaps you drew the following picture: mountain of soft pillows, quilts and flow of natural light, warming the room. Soft colors and patterns, light wood floors, light white curtains. If you imagine a similar way, This type of bed is for you. Quiet, soft bed as if designed for an afternoon sleep and read in bed the morning of the day off.

This room is perfect for a cottage or country house (Landscape Design photos). The interior is dominated by simple and modest detail. All feelings are fed fresh and calm bedroom. Each element is chosen in terms of its ability to make a space composure.