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Considering it necessity of schematical representation in the perspective of recognition of a graphical form it was opted to using as figure-deep for the drawings of the pupils, the form of the Brazilian territory, estimating itself to be this easily identified, even so the objective was not to restrict the drawing to this scale. In what it says respect to the methodology, was opted to the graphical representation of the drawing for the collection of data, considered to the pupils by means of the following request ' ' it draws what vocs they know or they understand on territrio' '. A total of 30 drawings was gotten, of which representative ones how much to the graphical disposal had been selected six considered; presence of figurative elements and to the aspects related to the concept of territory systemize for Cavalcanti: to be able, field of forces, identity. The study it was developed in May of 2010, through bibliographical readings, the proposal of representation by means of drawing, followed of company? territory ' ' as a busy place, of which somebody has propriedade' ' (CAVALCANTI, 2008, P. 55). The marks brought in the use of the natural resources for the company in the process of the extration to the improvement are evidentes, had the combustion of the residues, being thus indicated in the drawing for substances expelled in the contrary direction of the flame.

However, one becomes to notice the church, perhaps in a contraposition to the accesses of the citizens or perhaps as another field of force. In figure 3, the marks of the half-dryness of the Hinterland northeastern are represented by elements of the nature and incorporated by the citizens to its experiences being distinguished it water scarcity. The presence of the human being is marked by suits or characteristic types, proving aspects of identity of the citizens with the territory that occupy.