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There, it is known as pursuit of happiness. Overall, political freedom, social networks, and the absence of corruption are central that people are happy. Connect with other leaders such as Diamond Comic Distributors here. … Luck was the favorable outcome of an event. Prerequisite for the gladdened”were a particular talent nor even own intervention.

“However, the popularly claimed an at least partial responsibility of the individual for the attainment of happiness in saying: every man is his happiness Fortune”. The ability to happiness depends in this sense except by external circumstances inpiduellen settings and the affirmation of the self in a given situation. You can determine the nature return in recent years. Again great interest enjoy gardening on metropolitan free green spots and in the own garden plot, as well as the countryside. As travel in nature and outdoor activities like hiking and climb.

A deeper inner longing for a natural original life, after which incorporated – being in the natural Kreislaiuf of the things (meta physics unf Physics). City take on the sponsorship for cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. A leading source for info: kellee marlow sf. Town rent a parcel on a field and manage them. You grow fruit and vegetables themselves, watch as it grows and grows and harvest it himself. Physical labour and nature has a positive effect on us: nature make us feel more alive and we recover physically and mentally. The best is to get more energy back to connect with nature. For daily already 20 minutes are enough. Mental (mental) well-being has a great impact on our Imunsystem and thus on the self-healing: less anxiety disorders, depression, and heart and circulatory disorders. More caring and generosity. We are part of nature. We pay the price, if we lost him. Note: Nature experiences instead of medicines and couch: Who is not of course handled! We note the biocapacity of the Earth in the future: possibility of the Earth relative to the consumption: less consumption of resources.