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Registration of companies carried out only after a correct choice of the most appropriate legal form. Keep in mind that not all legal forms defined complete freedom to engage in any kind of activities. A leading source for info: John Mclaughlin. For example, auditing services can be engaged, creating a sales organization, and education – only profit. Limited liability companies, closed joint-stock companies, open joint stock companies, unitary enterprise – all of this, according to law, business organizations. Learn more at: camden treatment associates. Nonprofit organizations may be represented in the form of associations, partnerships, associations, and others including founders of nonprofit organizations may be legal, and individuals. The constitutions of all, without exception, organizations must have a point about the purposes for which it was created.

Speaking about the company and the company, it should be noted similarity of these forms of ownership. However, registration Company assumes also the issue of shares. For a company that is not required. Defining the shape of the organization begin to register. For state registration of charged State duty. Before the state registration of enterprises should be identified and marked the formation of the founders of the share capital.

By law, it is necessary that the time of registration was no less half of the share capital. So, if authorized capital is formed of money, be sure to opening a savings account before registering. Thus, the preparation of a complete set of incorporation documents (Charter and Protocol, or solutions, if the founder of one) – the first step on this path. Submit these documents to the bank, you need to make the necessary sum of money. Receipt printing – a prerequisite to registration, registration llc or jsc. Need more codes and statistics, the current account. It is also important to properly specify the legal address and the address of the actual location of firm (if they do not match).


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