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The other day reading a magazine lq – the only women's magazine, which I think might be interesting to read and men. There are a lot of cognitive articles written by knowledgeable people. Still, I was disappointed in this journal. In preface to an article read: "In Spanish debil and impotente – synonyms. On the paper it is irrelevant, but still nice.

" And after that, men still sometimes dare to blame sexism. I have always noticed a female magazines when they came across in my hands, that they are all ways to covertly or overtly trying to somehow offend or humiliate the stronger sex. Of course, strong sex from this is not cold nor hot, many of the existence of such an unworthy scribbling and do not know. I think one of the magazines of the mass media. Of course, the coverage they have considerably less than that of television or radio. After all, magazines, despite the abundance of pictures, one must also read. And the cost of glossy magazines does not make them the product of consumer goods.

Not all of them can afford to regularly buy in the store. Nevertheless, they still affect the formation of world people. People buy them to relax or gather for themselves something new. But, like any media outlet, they have a certain philosophical ideas. In the case of kosmopolitenom, it is generally not in any frame not intermeddle. Taking it Fiction in hand, scrolling through tons of advertising, I Still got to articles.


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