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Womens Eurobasket

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He won his debut in the Championship to the selection of Germany by 79-69. Valdermoro, Torrens, Aguilar and Montanana led the offensive weight of the equipment. This Sunday, the second party of the Spaniards in the tournament before Montenegro. Female Spanish national basketball team opened with a victory, before Germany by 79-69 in the Championship of Europe of Poland in a game without much control, in which the German put speed and enthusiasm and the Spanish quality and determination in the key moments. A partial 7 – 0 in the first two minutes of match, after an electric starter for the Spanish national team, put the team on the right towards the victory, thanks to a plugged in Anna Montanana, track and marked the rhythm, a little crazy, party. Germany felt comfortable with a fast, aggressive game and without too much control and Spain, who always took the initiative on the scoreboard, nor too made by master tempo. The irruption of Amaya Valdemoro and triples two of the captain served to consolidate the advantage, 21-12, to the end of the first quarter. In the second period, the German started with a 0-4, but Spain, now with Elisa Aguilar in command of operations, controlled the situation, reaching advantages that they became fourteen points (39-25, 19th minute) and that the rest stayed in twelve points, 39-27.

Germany followed with a very vertical game risky and almost without elaboration, spreading to a Spanish team as well, lost part of its advantage for its higher quality. The exchange of baskets and failures was the usual tonic of a third quarter in which the German came to get closer to a 45-42. At this moment, the Spanish team reacted immediately and got a partial 7 – 0 that returned the tranquility on the track to the players. With Sancho Lyttle well-controlled and unbridled by flag, the selection rate cast hand of his quality and experience marker in franchise and ensure the first victory of the Championship. After the 58-49 at the end of the third quarter, Spain continued without adjusting the dnsa and without breaking definitely on the scoreboard, what suitable that the exchange of baskets Germany again come close to four points, 66-62 in the absence of little more than five minutes to the end of the match. Jose Ignacio Hernandez, national coach, not wanted to risk and put on track all the experience and quality of the Spanish team, i.e., Lyttle, Valdemoro, Aguilar, Montanana and Torrens, to ensure victory. And there was no option for the German.


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