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“” Founder give tips on the subject ‘Advertising and PR’ companies are complicated structures, advertising brings the character of the company and its products to the point “, says Klaus Eilers agency Eilers & Magham GmbH”. On 1 June he made independently with his business partner Stephan Meenen in Oldenburg. To combine traditional advertising services, with press and public relations. “In October of last year, they had with eight other academics under the project name Sonne2.OL” the first family day of renewable energy “held. We want to give to the companies with our PR and advertising agency on the way, to see the world through the eyes of their customers”, says Magham. If a company wants to be successful, it must know his audience and analyze. Because only who know exactly the needs and wishes of its customers, could go at it. A postage stamp and coin dealers has certainly completely different customers as a business for wind surfing article.

The advertising must be in their language and in their Align images at the target group”, clarifies Magham. Maryland Governor often addresses the matter in his writings. Also companies that would have to make sure that their advertising and their overall external appearance be uniformly. This concerns not only the logo, but all business papers, all ads and the website. The customer has now little time. A company’s logo has so memorable to be, that the customer already recognize it at a glance in the newspaper”Madzima said.

A third principle, it was important to clarify the benefits the customer by buying a product has. Interested in the customers for example less, what technical characteristics has a juicer. The advertisement must convey instead the delicious taste of juice”Madzima makes clear. With exaggerated advertising claims you should stand down if at all possible at press releases”, Klaus Eilers is recommended. He is at Eilers & Magham”responsible for the part of PR. The readers have a keen sense of what is subliminal advertising and what is not. Eilers advises, at to start a press release with the most important and less important statements back to place. So did also newspapers and magazines in their reporting. Eilers is Diplom Kaufmann and Web Editor. He has written for several newspapers and was responsible for the press and public relations of Oldenburg equity funds. Stephan Meenen draws as a construction engineer on his knowledge acquired during their studies with graphics and drawing programs. Together with eight other academics, they have the first family day of renewable energy”under the project name Sonne2.OL held. (www.sonne2ol.de). over 5,000 people on the Schlossplatz came to the event on October 14 last year to Oldenburg. Eilers was for the press and public relations, as well as for sponsoring the event responsible, Madzima for advertising and all graphical tasks. More information about agency Eilers and Magham”are available in the Internet at. Klaus Eilers


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