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The body of every human being is different, which means that not everyone can look as the men and women who appear in television or magazines, in addition most are not even real. There are people who struggle to lose weight, make strict diets, or performed very heavy exercise routines and still not manage to lose weight, if you’re one of those people, do not think more, doctors have encountered this problem and have found a solution, the gastric bypass. Junk food, lack of physical activity, causes fat fence accumulate in our body and when we decided to lose this extra weight, it is very difficult and we do not find the way, so now is no longer difficult, with gastric bypass, you can lose weight safely and guaranteed. Gastric bypass is surgery which consists of reducing the stomach and rearranging the small intestine, to obtain a minimum absorption of fats, calories and sugars. The weight is lost from the first weeks until you reach the appropriate for your body weight and with the gastric bypass doctors ensures you will not earn the weight lost. This technique of gastric bypass is very safe, since it has been practicing for more than 40 years and with the technology that exists today, performed via laparoscopy, i.e., the only doctor makes a small incision to insert a camera and thus perform gastric bypass..


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