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How can you reduce energy costs with energy-saving bulbs. The use of Einsparpotientialen in selecting the correct bulbs. A comparison with conventional light bulbs In the Bundestag election campaign then held hearing man repeatedly politicians, if they win the election, then they will introduce a power cost brake. As long as no one has to wait, create your electricity cost brake. The MasterPro Handels GmbH helps customers on our current cost base to compete.

In the selection of bulbs, a savings potential exists if you pay attention at the purchase of energy-efficient and high-quality bulbs. There are many ways you can save electricity. One of them is for example through the purchase of energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers. You can turn off equipment with standby mode so that unnecessary electricity is consumed. Each time you press the light switch current flows, how much and for how long, that determines each themselves. But also savings through the right choice possibilities the bulbs of the winter 2012 / 2013 was one of the darkest winter, in some places only 50 percent of daylight requirements have been achieved. So it was difficult to save power, due to the long duration of lighting facilities, government agencies, supermarkets and factories this winter. A light bulb 60 Watt 800 hours burning per year, 0.20 electricity cost about per kilowatt hour.

The adopted annual power consumption is 48 kilowatt-hours and the yearly electricity cost 9,60. The energy-saving lamp needs only 11 Watts for the same performance, same burning cause here annual electricity costs by only 1.76. The environment is evident also in CO co is located at annual 5200 g for energy-saving bulbs and when the light bulb at 28, 000 g. offer a savings potential of electricity costs by approximately 20% and a higher lifetime compared to the older illuminants bulbs of the type classes T5 and T8 with electronic control gear here. As Energiesparlicht Modern LED lights and extremely energy efficient they consume less electricity than incandescent bulbs and contain no toxic mercury. These LED lights are the MasterPro GmbH in different gradations of brightness available for a bright, glare-free light an individual solution of the right lighting situations can offer the customers a portfolio of 1000 bulbs for private, commercial, and industrial use. The MasterPro GmbH services are for the customers, the free proper disposal of lighting and lamps, professional advice, quality and reliable delivery


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