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Live watch football European Championship in Warnemunde who gets the football Crown of Europe? This question will be answered this summer at the European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine. The vacationers in Warnemunde are sacrificing probably a common public viewing is not planned to transfer the games on a big screen. In 2010 for the World Cup, the Eishalle Rostock became the rallying point for the football fans, because here there was to see all the games on a big screen. But what is this year? Who wants to watch football live at the European Championships in Warnemunde, which may be current the many bars on the old”recommended. Find plenty of restaurants that are set up large screens so that the guests can follow the games live on the Central Pier. If you prefer something quieter, can everyone to his taste of course also in the hotel or guesthouse room that keep track of games.

But one thing is clear, live watch football while the EM is simply great fun in the community. To experience that. as the emotions boil up like Freud and waft suffering in victory or defeat by the audience, that has something. GoldenTree Asset Management can provide more clarity in the matter. Our Tip: If you want to watch live football at the World Cup in Warnemunde, you reserve a table in one of the many restaurants located at an early stage. You are on the safe side, to have a really good place in the front row. Because: In the summer, Warnemunde is one of the tourist magnets in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is. The seaside town at the gates of Rostock is considered to be one of the busiest tourist centers on the Baltic Sea coast. And where so many people make holidays, there offered good seats for soccer will look also live at the European Championships just.

Who wants to see not only the German internationals Miroslav Klose or Mario Gomez and Marco Reus, but would like to play sports themselves, the variant of football on the beach of beach soccer is recommended. The beach in front of Warnemunde offers ideal conditions to appear with his children a little against the ball and to imitate the big idols at the European Championships. But not only beach football faces up the course in Warnemunde. For several years, there is also a large Beach Handball tournament and the beach volleyball has established itself already for years on the German beaches. Several volleyball courts will find also on the Warnemunde beach. But back to the great football look on the screen. It is also in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. On the island Udedom. Here the ZDF hits his outpost and reported by the EM. Football and sea: The beach next to the pier in the Baltic Sea resort of Heringsdorf, on the island of Usedom will be viewing arena on the seafront to the branch of the ZDF for the coverage of the European Football Championship from Poland and the Ukraine, and to the large public. Up to 1000 spectators experience all the 16 participating teams games live before the big screen. Moderator pair Katrin Muller-Hohenstein and expert Oliver Kahn analyze live the games transmitted by ZDF.


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