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War In The Gaza Strip

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Reasonable and implementable solutions remain unheard. Gaza Strip: The secret and incomprehensible interests of politics and that the power-hungry fanatic prevent a lasting peace solution in the Middle East. Well thought-out solutions are ignored. To the military operations in the Gaza Strip, the Suddeutsche Zeitung has published the following simple equation on December 29, 2008: “there will be peace and prosperity in the Gaza Strip, there would be no powerful Hamas. The people there would then follow not the medieval Islamists, but plan their future.

“The opinion contained in the equation is the adventure and romance novel cinnamon on your skin (ISBN: 978-3-8370-2920-8) discusses in detail the focus of Chapter 5 – the three Nos -.” I offered a factual and realistic approach as the author of this book – like some others on this conflict between Palestine and Israel. This approach is also represented by many other, pragmatic-minded people. Ignorance and arrogance power-hungry fanatic and blind politicians to prevent a lasting peace solution.


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