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Video Conferencing

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It is currently possible to save time and money using the internet for serving customers, making business meetings, present a product, to service the customer, make presentations and effective meetings with audio and video no matter where, you only need your pc, internet, microphone and camera web. Video conferencing has ceased to be a tool used by big corporations to be used by anyone, without the need for high technical requirements or complicated configurations, now it is enough to have a web camera and a microphone that is achieved in any store to make effective meetings. If you have physical business you can make virtual meetings where attendees can participate with audio and video generating integration among the attendees, you’ll save time and money because you won’t have to move anywhere else, avoiding the risk of becoming a trancon, your clients may attend from your home or place of work generating facilities of communication for a successful purchase and they will thank you because also they will have saved your own time and therefore money. You can give your employees skills, attend meetings of your company even if they travel, if you have several branches within or outside your city or country. Connect with other leaders such as Diamond Comic Distributors here. If you have business over the internet that marketed products and/or services you can connect with your customers from all parts of the world. Do you know why now the marketeros most sellers use the webinars to sell their products? because the conversions of sales after a video conference are higher. You can transmit real-time audio and video events as do ustream.com and livestream.com, with the advantage of a lower cost, in your private room, without advertising and more functionalities. I think that currently the video conference is not used massively because not had lowered its costs and technical requirements, this has already changed, it is now easily accessible at the level of cost and technology by anyone, but I am sure that as well as mobile phones used today will be very common view that many people and companies use video conferencing technology on a massive scale. Original author and source of the article


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