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Vasili Volga

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And sometimes there are manners and manifestations of those people, the description of which we find in historical documents, a consciousness which, for a given person is a relative at the expense of the general consciousness of the Soul. Wrong to think that the man responsible for his past life, but it is karma, which is the need to fix the structure of consciousness of his soul, as well as the negative impacts that have occurred in the material world through the fault of the consciousness of his soul. Drawing attention to the name of the Volga, you can not only catch connection with the ancient dynasty of Ra, which began its rule in the territory of Ukraine for more than seven thousand years ago, and with the same Lucifer – the former Angel of Light, who once made the sun, but also with the name of the river, on the banks he was born "the great Lenin." And if you look closely at the pictures Basil Volga heyday " control" and compare them with a number of photographs of Lenin, you can quite easily catch them a lot in common. and if Vasili Volga aware of its direct relationship, then it would be more understandable was so fervent commitment to leftist ideas, and socialism. But the commitment to religion – it is a consequence of his stay in the consciousness of the Soul so called zone of purified consciousness. After completion of this procedure even the most ardent atheists in the future become deeply religious people and atheists because today there is something to think about, because the procedure for purification of mind they have yet to come.


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