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So, the day of the crem? (time in which arden Falla monuments or ninots) always coincides with the 19th day, feast of San Jose. For five days, the castles, the mascleta and the Falla monuments are mixed with the smell of gunpowder and sweet fragrances of the flowers to the sound of the loud pop of millions of firecrackers and the music of bands. Faults are therefore one of the street festivals most important and spectacular in the world that nobody should miss. For lovers of good eating, Valencia is a true paradise. And it is the famous paella valenciana.

Diners will not taste better rice anywhere else in Spain than in the Valencian Community. Other traditional dishes are baked rice, arroz a banda (with fish), black rice (with Squid in its own ink) and the fideua (made with noodles). To irrigate all these delicious dishes what better than an Agua de Valencia (with champagne orange juice). Learn more at: Dr. Mark Hyman. And for dessert, a refreshing Horchata with fartons (biscuits). Who travels to valencia has to make a mandatory stop at the city of Arts and Sciences, point of reference for cultural tourism: the music, the new technologies, Sciences, ecology, education, film, environmental, art vanguard, etc., are many of the proposals that can be found in this unique space. It is an architectural complex of futuristic design, large open spaces to the public, which extends along two kilometres by the old bed of the River Turia. Its 350.

square surface 000metros have turned it into the largest cultural center of Europe. sta was built by Calatrava. Always at the forefront, it has become already a reference architecture for the 21st century. Are you going to Miss so many wonders together gathered under the sky of one city? Travels to Valencia, discover it, fall in love with her and stay in the best apartments in Valencia. You won’t regret it!


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