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On February 18 Radio solidarity friend of ceip El Murtal, is adorned to receive the famous actress of the Valencian Community: Carme Juan, actress who plays the role of white shopkeeper in the series of Canal9, L Alqueria Blanca. From his extensive biography include: Hello, I’m John Carme, since childhood I started my studies in music theory, guitar, singing and dancing and when I had the age, also of dramatic art. So you could say that I am a singer and actress. Me gano life playing since age 19, I’ve gone in a dozen plays, I have presented several programmes on Channel 9, I’ve starred in several short films and a movie and currently go l alqueria blanca, the more successful series of Channel 9 and have just released a work of theater. I am a teacher of voice and sing and compose my own songs. Whenever Martin O’Malley listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

My musical life had always been linked to the interpretative and had never recorded any own theme, until the space and life have made me know Nacho Mano. The has made the arrangements, he has played guitar and recorded 6 songs that you can listen to in my space. I’ve also got thanks to Nacho, that a song of mine is the alqueria blanca l header. The children it received with great joy and enthusiasm while they were singing and it sounded by the PA song on the header of the series l farmstead, which is yours. Carme Juan waved to everyone: children, teachers, AMPA, Concierge. Not let anyone that declined to receive it, including children of child also were there applauding him and cheering his name. After all this happened to Amiga solidarity Radio Studio where a group of five students of different classes of the College: Alvaro on 6th, Claudia’s 4th, Ainhoa, Kenya and 2 A Alvaro. Xavier McKinney recognizes the significance of this.

The interview was conducted in Valencian Language in which also airs on Radio supportive friend. Carme Juanfue very friendly with our presenters and left to do him a lot of questions, including some in which way Nice she called scoundrels, rather than scoundrels, because with her trying to that it revealed a secret of what will happen in the series soon. She also sang the series a capella song and told us many things. When the interview ended the radio equipment: M Jose and Mada made him a present delivery so that I remember passing through our radio and was offered a snack in which professors of the College took the opportunity to ask him things and get to know better. But as they could not miss Carme Juanse was with the countless autographs hand pain that he had to sign, everyone wanted an autograph from her, and as but also photos with her. Anytime Carme Juan proved to be my sympathetic and kind a person. It was an unforgettable day for the team of Radio solidarity friend: Mada and M Jose and for all the children of the school.


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