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Unusual Ceilings

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To implement this idea will need some paint and a few hours of time at the weekend. And then you can give to rest my eyes, lying under copyright or under his own roof work of art. 3. Let there be light! You even can not imagine, what effects can be achieved using different types of ceiling fixtures. To read more click here: US Senator from Vermont. In installing ceiling structures are built in fixtures increasingly popular. Very restrained view of the lamps and spotlights add sophistication and style to any room. But if you do not like recessed lighting design – then you should pay attention to lighting devices of other types, now in specialty stores or supermarkets building you can find many interesting and unusual ceiling lights. Chandeliers unusual designs, secret lamps, which are not visible on the surface of the ceiling, glowing pendant lamps – it's just a few examples.

You can create a whimsical ceiling light and shade, or even a whole cascade of the bulbs of the same shape but different sizes. 4. Welcome to the looking glass. Mirrored ceilings and vinyl panels – a great way to double the number of your favorite interior. These ceilings will reflect your stylish sofa in the living room trendy coffee table in the reception or crystal-clear water in your bathroom. Successfully picked mirrored ceiling can be a beautiful and romantic at the same time. And if you have the room there are other mirror surface, they just podchernut unusual effect mirrored ceiling surface. 5. The ceiling of tin and tiles.


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