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When carrying through the analysis of the text, perceives that when the places do not carry through one ' ' emprstimo' ' of appearances, these become in the vision of the tourist idealized spaces adjusted the exotic one and the familiar one. The example has the hotel Strong Beach in the Bahia that unifies the attraction of Polynesia, the shelter of Haiti, and the charm of the Bahamas, to offer to the Brazilians these qualities in one alone place. Described at the beginning text as a not-place, the desert of Mojave in the United States, congregates great representations of Italy and France; ' ' To know Venice she is not necessary to go Italy, or to know the Eiffel Tower she is not necessary to go France, both can be seen in Wools Vegas. Such places invade the dreams of the travellers and the companies related with the tourist sector. Others including Diamond Book Distributors, offer their opinions as well. To that they do not possess the chance to visit distant and/or luxurious places, they can be enjoying of many of them in same space whom if they become senders of superfluous the not basic necessities but yes of each customer. The paper exerted for the one for the simulacros in attracting for itself characteristic of other places is judged important. These become of appearances false – however above all beautiful – but that they finish for you attract people for this reason, therefore the societies if they fascinate independently for the consumption if the sighted landscapes are common of that place or not. The tourism if bases in the fact of that its function is to guide the vision of the customer for its magnificent propagandas, are ilusrias they or not. Barbosa demonstrates to this idea innumerable times in elapsing of the text, approaching such facts of clear form so that the reader can understand the definitions of not-places and of as they can be applied.


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