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Interpretations of the ways of wearing so many rings. Thus, it is argued that women should wear the wedding ring below the engagement rings, the thus placing it closer to the heart. According to other rules, the wedding ring should be placed above the ring for engagement to marriage remained the atmosphere of the engagement. Some people believe that there should be only wedding ring. In the United States can be seen in stores a set of three rings: men's wedding ring, a woman's engagement ring and a thin ring, which is attached to the engagement ring before the wedding and turn it into permanent wedding ring. Materials for the manufacture of rings in many religions is permitted during the wedding ceremony to use as a symbol of the marriage vow rings of any material, but in an unusual circumstances – even to use substitutes unusual rings.

Most jewelers for engagement rings are manufactured from the precious yellow alloy of gold, copper, tin and bismuth. It is also used platinum and white alloys gold, although previously used light yellow white gold alloys are now increasingly being replaced with cheaper alloys, nickel and gold, covered with a thin layer of rhodium, buyout must be reapplied after a few years. In recent time as the material for wedding rings, titanium has become very popular because of its durability, affordability, and gray in color, associated with the material for weapons. Also began to use tungsten carbide with gold often or platinum inlays. The cheapest material for wedding rings is a nickel-silver – for those who prefer the metal to others for its appearance or cost.


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