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That function will be reaffirmed and reinforced at the Summit this weekend. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. It is said that some American allies have agreed to send an additional contingent of troops to Afghanistan, in response to the new strategy that President Barack Obama has put in place in the central country, according to sources today official American, who explained that the Democrat will not press to achieve specific commitments. The NATO Summit is not the best scenario to ask for the increase of troops in Afghanistan, said the Secretary of State American, Hillary Clinton, who stressed the approach of Obama most reluctant world leaders to this initiative. ticonciertos, adds, Obama has decided that he will wait for clarification on this issue and that it will not press during the NATO meeting that starts today in the northeast of France on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance. In addition, the head of diplomacy American said that Obama will deal with specific issues both in its meeting of NATO and the European Union celebrated the week that comes in Prague. President Obama, seeks NATO backing to its strategy which revealed recently to curb the taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, a conflict that has been inherited from the administration of his predecessor George W.

Bush. To move forward with its strategy looks for a rapprochement with Pakistan where will try to defeat the terrorist network Al-Qaeda militiamen, it said the own Obama planning to again undermine United States. While it has already announced his interest to send 17,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, the occupant of the White House said recently that would target other 4,000 people, including civilians, who are responsible for training the Afghan army in its fight against the taliban insurgency, which has reached its highest peak since 2001 when they were expelled from power in an operation by troops led by the United States.


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