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Dr. Watson, demanded the sorcerer a significant evidence showing the reality, i.e., what was happening when he was in a trance. It is demanded to describe that it is making his son Peter in the United States, he was dressed, who was, in the end everything that observed. They scored the day, time and month, everything you said the witch. Upon returning to the United States, proved that what was said was true. Facts such as this and others similar, course, prompted researchers to find a satisfactory answer the why a person may be somewhere else at the same time, and to ask a series of questions among which are: can man unfold beyond himself and appear somewhere else? They are the limits of our our body and senses the actual limits of man? with what kind of energy is unfolded a person? That concept of time and space are those given really?, among others face this reality of the phenomenon of the unfolding there is to pass by unnoticed that experiences outside the body that parapsychology is known as OBES was motive of study and mastery of the occult, the esoteric, especially by Theosophy, indeed in the history of the Catholic religionWe find narratives of many saints who are desdoblaban, appearing in various places at the same time, attributing the phenomenon to supernatural, miraculous actions and mystical order. Fortunately, thanks to parapsychological science present many scientists have been discovering that such phenomenon is normal category and that everyone can practice it, exist also the antecedent, that at night when we sleep takes place, thanks to the power of the subconscious. As a summary, consider what thereon contributes us allabouttheoccult.org, an experience outside the body (known as OBE for its acronym in English) can be defined as the process of separating the consciousness (spirit) of the physical body, in a manner that the person and the world can be observed from outside the body.


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