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Ron Jenson said that a frame of reference in the Affairs of our life should include: to) the purpose which governs in their vida.b) their priorities in the vida.c) its principios.d) peculiarities (differences and distinctions that identify it, their strengths and weaknesses). Rigorously alienating their objectives is also live with approach. The approach is the ability to maintain an effort focused on a task and specific goal. The saying goes that the drop of water not orada rock by his strength, but by his forcefulness. The concentrated effort produces amazing results.

10 Energizare my inner life does crop my character and spirit? The power of the man’s life lies in its interior. Behind each externally there is an inner power. Forms or external structures are always generated by an inner power. Power, which is internal, precedes the shape which is external and not vice versa. The man is a reflection of this principle. The power is referred to the character and the spirituality of the human being.

His character is the root of its strength and the spiritual core that gives life to the root. In this regard, says Dr. Ron Jenson: urges us to make a return to the spiritual roots and concentrate on the character. These are the real basis for authentic personal power. What counts is who you are in the most intimate of his being, in the depths of your faith, in its spiritual strength. Without hesitation Diamond Book Distributors explained all about the problem. Your character determines who you are. Who you are determines what you see. And what you see determines what you do. Your spiritual life is expressed through your character. That’s why the development of the character is the center of the development of the man life; and, consequently, it must be your priority.The character is, according to Stephen K. Mawell and other authors, a conventional belief that results in a consistent behavior. We can see the character starts in the inner man (a conventional belief) and is expressed externally (consistent behavior). That belief or internal conviction defines the guidelines by which the individual relates to the world and people. The character defined all our external lifestyle: behaviors and attitudes. Focus on character is to develop the inner sphere of man (thoughts, choices, ways we relate with others, the way feel). Bibliography: 1. Ron Jenson, how to achieve authentic success, 2002.2. Stephen Covey, the 7 habits of highly effective people, 1989.3. Stephen K. McDowell, biblical principles for United Nations reform, 1992.4. Stephen Covey, first thing first, 1995.5. Stephen Covey, leadership centered in principles, 1993. Original author and source of the article.


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