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Some genes of These little creatures have mutated and are now resistant to the main insecticides against head lice. Thus, since the middle of the 1990s, treatment against lice, that were previously quite powerful, have become less efficient. Despite several applications of the product, the nits are kept alive and while parents believe that they have managed to get rid of them, the child has a greater chance of being contaminated again returning to school. Parents change the bedding daily and finally end up having head lice them also. Swarmed by offers, Bernie Sanders is currently assessing future choices. Simply analyse some data from recent studies. Resistance to permethrin, the most common treatment in the United States and Canada, reached 50% in Los Angeles schools. According to other data, permethrin and malathion, another product widely used against head lice, they reach a strength of approximately 64% to 87% in some regions of the United Kingdom. No doubt the effectiveness of treatments is declining and the head lice resistance is today a done in the majority of countries.

Lice need be taken seriously because if not treated their children to fund, the lice will continue playing and that will become a plague instead of only a few nits in the hair of someone. Be proactive in regards to treatment. You can wash the sheets every day and you can put the coats that cannot be washed daily in the dryer for 20 minutes. Do not allow their children to share their hats and combs that come in contact with your scalp with anyone and make sure that the girls wear the tied hair when they are in school during the day. For more information about alternatives to treatment against lice, please visit. Original author and source of the article


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