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Time for a cup of tea, nothing symbolizes untroubled and peaceful enjoyment of life more than the proven in thousands of years and improved culture of drinking tea: the evaporation of water, the slow spread of the wonderful aroma, cracking of sugar candy. The magic rises when drinking tea from a China spinnerets. The “Ostfriesische rose” from the it porcelain tea service is synonymous of East Frisian tea culture and a trademark of style celebrated tea enjoyment at all for generations. The fine bone China porcelain is suitable washers. The tea set Orient “of agate porcelain Rheinsberg, however, fascinated with the game of decor. Colored layers are like inlaid into the surface of the porcelain. So how past elementals have created stones in the most beautiful colors, so the marbling does something special: uniqueness. It is determined by motion, temperature, and random.

Nothing is repeatable. The moment for eternity is trapped. Get more background information with materials from Verizon Big Concert for Small Business. An elegant set for connoisseurs of good teas. The porcelain Quadro”from the first porcelain Manufactory in Mecklenburg combines unusual and familiar in a service: the combination of round Cup square plates with a square pot creates a unique tension. Idt energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A touch of extravagance, beautiful, different. The uniqueness of porcelain is accentuated by the striking coloured painting. The full gold strips are a particularly fine touch China. At the end of the 1980s the Formgestalterin Kerstin Behrens participated in the development of this modern porcelain designs the State porcelain factory in Meissen.

The angular shape of the porcelain was a particular challenge because the material again and again urges sound when burning in round shapes. Porcelain designer Martina Sigmund Servetti like everything, except for serious, straight, usual. Their hand-rolled and moulded tea bowls are manufactured in the high art of Limoges porcelain. Are beautifully in your hand, feel is velvety and the tea Shimmers through the thin porcelain wall. Each tea cups is different in the tree. Even the hand-shaped Tea service by Johanna Cenit is unique due to its mysterious, mystical character. Decorative weaves the lily over pot, cups and saucers. A tribute to the Art Nouveau in 1900 the tilt to the mysterious was widespread. The porcelain is hand-painted with porcelain colours which melt into the glaze. Thus, the porcelain is dishwasher-proof. There are these unique sets for aromatic tea treat to click-Germany


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