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Rehabilitation is performed with the physical therapist and the patient in the pool, taking into account that a body in the sea barely weighs the work being done to recover that injury is easier to execute and if we add the analgesic action, anti-inflammatory and relaxing that’s if you already have the sea water, the time of evolution of the injury is minor. You may want to visit Michael Chabon to increase your knowledge. Use of electrotherapy techniques: Ultrasound, laser, microwave, magnet therapy, techniques with a high power analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Click Michael Chabon for additional related pages. They are locally applied techniques is to say specifically in the injured area and apply one or the other depending on the area of the lesion. Techniques that are often combined with other treatments. Applications and use of therapeutic mud.

They have different names depending on the amount of component solid or liquid can be called: barros, sludge, sludge, silts, mobs, biogleas, sapropeli, gyttja. They are used for problems articular and muscular with properties of vulnerary, analgesic, moisturisers. The techniques of application of sludge are diverse: in form of baths, immersion in clay or diluted in the bath water, wraps extended the clay on the skin, wrapped the area with a plastic and cover with a warm blanket, poultices extend the clay over the areas you want to treat, compresses: mixture of clay and water which is then wrapped with a plastic. The third therapeutic step is the strengthening of muscles, a stretching program may be useful to reduce the tension of the muscle on the affected tendon. Stretches include the affected arm, as well as the neck, upper back and shoulder, hand, wrist, forearm and triceps. We will always consider the orientation of a good physical therapist to know as we must correctly perform these stretches and warming of our muscle groups.


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