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Twin Towers

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God abandoned in them. The grace of its proper ignorance left the man, turned the face for the other side. The incessant search of the man to the Creator is in goes. To believe is plus a psychological process, where the person places a vendida image of an idea that is in the head of another person, chooses a label (a religion) and starts to believe without seeing nothing. The prerogatives to keep this religion walking or are an enemy (the Satan) that exactly in Biblical history, after to be confined looser and to the hell for the glorious blood of Jesus still it torments in them, and it possesss more power in its life of what you can imagine. Learn more at: Author. (this is the ones that says the ones that believes this) or is a cheap sensationalism. We need to kill this God of us inside. Yes, to kill, to infringe the fifth order.

We need a true God, one that takes care of to our conjuncts and suplications. One that stops the hand of the assassin. One that does not leave the man more to make idiotic wars. One that had not left 850,000 Jews to die for holocausto or to see 2 bombs atomic being gone off against Japan covardemente or 2 airplanes to beat in the Twin Towers,.how many more they exist? It binds in the reporter, in the TV Blood that you will see the nonsenses of today, We need a God of being able, not ' ' escondido' ' tremendous inside of a church, chapel, assembly, congregation, mosque, temple, place of fetichism, or any another name that passed for its head, but one that finally goes down in this Land to put order in baguna. A God who separates the good ones of the bad ones. Or perhaps one that transforms the bad ones into good and the good ones in better. ' ' God is only bom' ' .therefore let us enter in the churches and let us hide in them under of the seats, until they find in them and they take off our lives, beyond our taxes and tenths. Already they had taken off of many innocents and defenseless, why our life would be valid more the penalty?


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