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Travel Tips For Sicily

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So the choice is made, you are vacationing in Sicily. Vacation will be entirely devoted to the amazing Mediterranean island. Although you can combine a visit to Sicily with the main Italian cities, but get more expensive. However, in Italy we We do not dwell, we will be interested exclusively Sicily. So, from Russia to Sicily Sicilian Company flies – flies from 3-h Russian cities: St.

Petersburg, Moscow and Samara. The company – one of the most thrifty. There are others, but bylety typically cost 2 times more expensive. But in any case have to fly with a transfer (pomite about it, buying wine and liquor in Sicily in the Duty Free on-interchange point, it all taken away because of a possible carry only 100 ml of liquid, such rules ). But not all so sad – in the summer you can “catch” direct flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg the same airline ! Or charter the Russian airlines.

If the flight from Italy, it is much simpler: the airports of Palermo and Catania (2 operating civil airports of the island) you can fly from Milan, Rome and Venice on the aircraft Alitalia, Meridiana, but the most economical at the moment is on Easyjet the island if you decide to go to the bar, then remember that at the counter or table, if available, prices are different Sitting at a table with waiter service will cost 2-5 times more expensive and certainly longer. If you served at the bar, then account will be more modest: first, cashier check kicks, then a check is passed the bartender, who will give you and your order Tipping is not required to leave you! But it is considered good manners. Provide approximately 10% of the order, but if the order was large, then reap leave and 1-2 euros. Sometimes, in bars and restaurants in the bill meets the bottom line ‘copertura’ – it’s already included a tip – pay for the cloth, bread and service. Of course, most tourist places will be the most expensive so it’s best to be avoided restaurants in “Jaunty” field. Look for the small and cozy establishment with exposed outside the menu away from the tourist trail. If you need a toilet urgently, looking for the nearest bar. There one may ask whether it is possible to use the toilet, this is usually free, but taken before or after to buy something from the bartender, coffee, sweet, water bottle, etc.


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