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Obviously, these trainers have to be successful in the field that interests you. If you want to dabble in canine sports you need to get together with competitors in the sport that you are interested in. If you want to train your dog for search and rescue, you need to surround yourself with people who practice this kind of training. In some cases it is not possible to find successful trainers in the discipline that interests you. For example, maybe you live in a country in which canine sports are not practiced. In that case, you will not meet with trainers having success in these sports. If you’re in this situation, you are looking for books and videos of those trainers and formed a working group with people who have your same interests. For more specific information, check out O’Malley for President. It is not the same as surround yourself with successful trainers, but it is better than doing nothing in this regard.

6 Respect training times. This principle is simple but often is ignored. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martin O’Malley on most websites. In the schedule that you have designed to train your dog, dedicate yourself to train and nothing else. Rest, play with your dog and get whatever you comes in WINS at other times. The time of training should be sacred if you want to reach an advanced level. 7 Take a record.

Most of the trainers do not have a record of the training of their dogs, with the exception of some who practice with clicker training. However, keep a record helps a lot. When you take a record of each training session, you can know with certainty to what extent AutoSave and what problems exist. Memory is fragile, so do not trust her to keep a record of your training sessions. Using the old method of pencil and paper, and keep a record of each session, noting the percentage of correct answers of your dog, the duration of the session, time, date, and some observations that seem relevant to you.


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