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Tibet Massage

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At the spa, you'll hear from the threshold and non-intrusive, pleasant and soothing music. She will be there to follow you stepped back, and vary according to accepted procedures. To date, a very popular application singing balls that come to us from Tibet. It is believed that the vibrations that create these balloons are helping to relax during the treatment. And in the mountains of Tibet, believed that music helps clean balls mind from negative thoughts and awaken the internal energy of each of the seven chakras. Scientists also agree with the healing power of music and consider this type of therapy is most useful. So, what is the standard set of procedures in a spa complex? The most common and necessary – is a massage, body care and face, and the same pleasant feelings and memories of minutes spent in the cabin.

As for the massage, then every self-respecting salon, which is called the 'spa', must have a price list at least five different kinds of massages with his techniques. Recently, the most popular massages were Swedish and Thai, as well as massage, performed on Ayurveda. And, of course, where no anti-cellulite treatments. Each woman will sooner or later, but resorting to these types of body care products. Despite the beliefs of physicians who believe that cellulite is completely harmless to women when they are on the beach, or the choice of clothes or underwear have to limit yourself. The appearance of cellulite, namely the one called 'orange peel', delivered to women not only visual discomfort, but also psychological.


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