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Three Kings

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He was the ruler Ahmad al-Mansur who decided to build it as a celebration of their victory over the Portuguese Navy after the battle of Ksar Al Kebir or the Battle of Three Kings in 1578. It took 25 years, from 1578-1608, to complete the construction of this sumptuous palace, and the best and richest materials were used in the decoration of the 360 rooms of this splendid property. The magnificence of El Badi Palace is now history, since it was one of the many victims of the will of the Alawite ruler Moulay Ismail, the "Warrior King", to destroy any trace of inheritance Saadi. But surely the wonder they shall attach to explore the vast esplanade with its ponds dug into the ground and surrounded by fortifications, a design inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. They may admire the skill of Moroccan craftsmanship in carved wood work of the Koutoubia mimbar exposed in one of the renovated halls. Jemaa El Fna Jemaa El Fna Square is the largest square in the entire African continent and continues to be the geographical, social and cultural life of the medina of Marrakech. For centuries this place has been and still is, a point of encounter and exchange of populations north and south of this region. Today, despite the cultural erosion of the mutations, the Jemaa El Fna is the meeting place of Berber merchants, travelers, vendors, writers and artists, and brings together all the crafts and traditional arts, public scribes , fortune tellers, storytellers, teeth starters, herbalists, etc .- and street artists, snake charmers, acrobats, musicians, dancers, fire swallowing, etc.

The Madrasa Madrasa Ben Yosef or "school" Ben Yosef is one of the jewels of architecture Arab-Andalusian Marrakech. The current structure of the Islamic school was built around 1570, during the administration of the Saadi dynasty, and was restored in 1950. At the height of its splendor, Yosef Ben madrasa could accommodate up to 900 students in its 150 booths arranged around a courtyard richly carved in cedar wood, marble and stucco. Size did not contain representations of humans or animals, as required by the Koran, and consists entirely of inscriptions and geometric figures. Due to its distinctive architecture, this sacred building is the largest madrasa throughout the Maghreb. So, if you plan to explore the wonderful city Ocre and its wonders, I recommend you also enjoy the wonderful offer. Also, to get the most out of their, I recommend you contact your travel agent for information on the many vacation options and activities that can be found in this wonderfully diverse country.


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