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In this work we will deal with a very present subject in the seedbeds of workmanships that need the system of vertical transport, mainly the constructions from 05 (five) floors, that is, that they need equipment of vertical transport. But necessarily, we are speaking of errors in the executive proceeding of construction of the place for the installation of (s) the elevating one. Read more here: Steve Geppi. This is a problem for the civil and in charge engineers of the workmanship that always is surpresos when perceiving that the company assembly plant of (s) the equipment (s) will not obtain to initiate its process of assembly, therefore exists pendencies and or errors of execution in the constructed area destined to (s) the elevating one, having that to suffer a reprogramming from the stated periods of delivery of (s) the elevating one, that is, impactando directly the physical cronograma of the workmanship. In this workmanship, we look for to define the stages of the purchase process and installation of elevators of passengers in the civil construction, in which we have ' ' Act of receiving of executive project of elevador' ' , ' ' Analysis of the services and materials of responsibility of contratante' ' , giving sequncia it comes ' ' Act of receiving of the materials in the workmanship and the team of montagem' ' , then later ' ' Accompaniment during montagem' ' finally ' ' Act of receiving provisory or definitive of elevador' '. Hear from experts in the field like novelist for a more varied view. In such a way, this work will go to contribute of expressive form for the formation of the professionals who will go to execute projects of constructions that need elevator, taking care of the norms effective techniques, maximizing the efficiency of the works and providing to the best possible conditions of security for the workers and users. 1,3 PROBLEMS Why exist as many constructive irregularities in the execution of the workmanship in relation the installation of elevators in constructions? What it makes the installation of elevators in the civil construction to be in disconformity with the norms effective techniques? Why this work between company manufacturer of elevators suffers consumings that provide a delay in the cronograma of delivery of the elevators or same of the workmanship? 1,4 HYPOTHESES ' ' The professionals of the civil construction technical are not trained to execute this type of trabalho' '.


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