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The Virtues

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I know that in these times of change and constant crisis can you feel your self-esteem weakens what hinders you move toward your goals. That’s why you have to be attentive to your emotions, always attentive to your thoughts because they are created your reality at every turn. I want to propose the following questions will help you to enhance the wonderful feeling of estimate you and nurture yourself, so that you can initiate the changes that you want in your life what are your strengths? The virtues are those special characteristics that you possess which have special force and energy that allow you to better achieve the results you want. When you put your virtues in action you feel a greater level of satisfaction on the tasks you are performing. It is very important that you identify are, you take a time to auto – observing you and find them. If you need help for this exercise because you feel that he costs you identify them, you can ask those people who are close to you which think them who are your virtues.

Search for your virtues become strengths developed increasingly more skills in them. If you feel such a virtue yours is to speak in public, develop increasingly in it to convert it into an expertise. What you enjoy doing? One of the best ways to increase your self-esteem is to make those things that you enjoy, because by doing so you will be giving your best. And to give it better you, things will be better, enjoy the process without too much stick you to results which will make you enjoy even more than that task. Do you enjoy making you fill with energy and enthusiasm. Somehow tell that he is a vicious positive, and that is what we seek. What are your knowledge, skills and abilities? It analyzes the activities you’ve done through your life and list those which you have highlighted.


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